Travelling Tom Cat Walks Fifty Miles Home!

Travelling Tom Cat Walks Fifty Miles Home!

A brave cat walks fifty miles home after getting lost.

There are many stories about cats travelling great distances after getting lost.
Sean Thomas, a 20-year-old student from Redhill told us about his cat Bagpuss, a 4 year old ginger tom. Sean was living in Redhill, but just about to start a university course in Brighton, West Sussex.

He said “I moved down to Brighton to attend university. I had a great flat with a garden so decided to take Bigpuss with me. He settled in well and was perfectly content. About 6 months before I was due to finish my studies, Bigpuss went missing. It was not unusual for him to disappear for a day. I started to get concerned when he had gone overnight. I asked my neighbours, put adverts in the local shops and vets. Noone had seen him.
Six months later I returned to Redhill without Bigpuss. I had given up all hope of seeing him again. Then one evening I got a phone from a lady who owned the café across the road from my old flat in Brighton. She said Bigpuss had been in looking for food. I was stunned. She agreed to catch him next time and contact me immediately. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear from her again.
Then three months after being back in Redhill I had a huge shock. Bigpuss casually walked in through the back door. He looked healthy and just a little skinnier. He was very vocal and purring. I have no idea how he made his way home. He must have crossed some very busy roads to get here.
Bigpuss is thrilled to be home. He’s not shown much interest in going too far now. I’m just so happy to have him back.”

Redhill is fifty-three miles from Brighton. It’s not certain how long it took Bigpuss to walk back home. The phone call from the café owner was two weeks before Bigpuss completed his epic journey. POA is delighted to report Bigpuss is in good health and happy to be home.


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