Banned Dog Types in the U.K. - A Simple Guide.

Banned Dog Types in the U.K. - A Simple Guide.

There are four types of dogs banned in the U.K. at the moment

The 4 types of dogs banned in the U.K are:

* Pit Bull Terrier
* Japanese Tosa
* Dogo Argentino
* Fila Braziliero

Did you know?

If your dog even has the characteristics one of the above breeds it will be considered one of the banned breeds.

Your dog would be illegal even if no one had complained about it or it wasn’t perceived to be acting dangerously.

It is illegal to breed from, sell, abandon or give away a banned dog.

The legislation that covers banned dogs is section 1 and section 4b of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. The Act also covers dangerous dogs of any breed.
For more information on the law on dangerous dogs, about applying for a Certificate of Exemption etc click here.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not on the banned list.

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Banned Dog Types in the UK

Article by: The Pet Owners Association


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