Cashmere Lops (long haired rabbit small standard size)

Cashmere Lops (long haired rabbit small standard size)

Origin: developed from the Dutch Dwarf Lop

(above is a Cashmere Sealpoint - picture courtesy of Fur & Feather)

The Cashmere Lop rabbit breed

Cashmere Lops originate from reproducing characteristics appearing in Dwarf Lops, the mutation was developed by breeders and the new standardised breed was recognised by the British Rabbit Council in the 1980’s.

Cashmere Lops have been bread in many colours.

These rabbits can be difficult to keep, requiring special accommodation, grooming and handling. Seek expert advice.

Small standard sized rabbit 4 - 5.4 lbs (2.15-2.381 kgs)

For further information about this breed please contact:
National Cashmere Lop Club: Mr S Whincup-Grindey 01283 211180

Article by: The Pet Owners Association/Fur & Feather Magazine

Fur & feather Magazine is a must have specialist on line website and with monthly magazine for anyone who is interested in rabbits and other small animals such as cavies and pet rodents.  The Pet Owners Association is grateful for Fur & Feather’s help in compiling our rabbit care sheets and for use of their images Please see Fur & Feather’s website for in depth features about these pets’ care and other matters, including a detailed diary of events throughout the UK and a directory of breeders as well as information on services and products.

They feature pages about the physical characteristics of the particular rabbit breeds and have links to clubs and societies for the specialist rabbit breeds.


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