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How to keep your Lawn in good condition when you own a Dog

Keeping your lawn in great shape can be a difficult task when you own a dog.

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The Hidden Costs of Microchipping your Pet

We take a look at the cost of amending your personal details with the major microchipping database providers.

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Taking your Dog on Holiday

Are you planning on getting away this summer with your Dog? Then follow our essential guide for a stress free break.

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Dog Breeds that do not Shed Fur

There are certain breeds of dogs that don’t shed, as well as breeds that shed very little that may be suitable for allergy sufferers.

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Caring for your dog’s or cat’s teeth

Good dental and gum health is as important for dogs and cats as it is for us

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Just What Do Dog Owners Dislike About Other Dog Owners?

Generally a lovely, caring bunch, there will always be the odd irresponsible dog owner that give us all a bad name.

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Just How Clever is Your Dog?

Can your dog tell the time, know when you’re due home from work, understand what you’re saying, or predict the weather?

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5 Reasons why you should keep your Pet’s Vaccinations up to Date

It can be tempting to let your pet’s booster jabs lapse when you’re struggling financially. But trying to save a few pounds could cost you much more in the long run, and even put the life of your pet at risk.

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POA Pet News and Features

The Financial Cost of Owning a Cat

Cats are now the most popular pet in the country, with over 8 million owned in the UK. Cats are a practical choice of pet to own, especially for people who live in towns and cities and work during the day. Many cat owners suggest owning a cat is cheaper than owning a dog, but the costs are still significant, and with cats living up to 20 years of age, the financial aspect of cat ownership should not be overlooked. So, what are the true costs of owning a cat? Read more

Is Britain Really that Dog Friendly?

Spring is upon us, and with the warmer weather and lighter nights coming, many dog owners start planning days out and holidays. But is your dog welcome at some of the most popular tourist attractions in the U.K.? Read more

Is your Dog at Risk from Sunburn?

It’s not just humans that are at risk from getting sunburnt. Certain dogs breeds are also at risk from the damaging rays of the sun, which can lead to painful burns and increase the risk of skin cancer. So,which dogs are most susceptible to sunburn and what can you do to protect your dog in the summer months? Read more

The Financial Cost of Owning a Dog

It’s estimated that there are around 9 million dogs in the UK, with nearly a quarter of all households in the country owning one. Dogs are certainly a rewarding pet to own, but with some breeds living up to 15 years, the financial costs involved are significant and should be considered carefully before buying your new dog. So what costs are involved in owning a dog? Read more

Is your Lifestyle affecting your Pet?

Find out how your lifestyle could be affecting the health of your pet. Read more

Food and Products that are Poisonous to Dogs

With the run up to Christmas well under way, we take a look at some of the foods and products around the home that could present a risk to your dog.
Do you know which foods are poisonous to dogs?

What to do if your Pet goes Missing

Losing a beloved pet is one of the the worst fears for us as pet owners. So, how can we reduce the risk of losing a beloved cat or dog?
And what should you do if your pet goes missing?

Is your Dog Bored with the same old Dog Walks?

Although dogs enjoy their familiar walks, it’s easy to get into a bit of a rut, especially in the cold, dark months.

So why not spice up your dog walks with our 10 Top Activities to explore and enjoy with your dog?

Do you know how much pet rabbits actually cost to keep?

Rabbits are currently the 3rd most popular pets in the U.K. Although rabbits are fairly cheap pets to buy, you may be surprised at the costs involved to keep them healthy and happy during their lifetime.

Read our revealing article on calculating the costs of keeping pet rabbits.

Are you interested in working with pets?

There are now many opportunities for animal lovers to pursue a career in the pet industry.
We give you advice on starting up a Boarding Kennel or Cattery. If you’re an active person who loves dogs, a career as a Dog Walker may be the ideal job for you!



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Win a copy of Dog Friendly Garden

Who says dog owners can’t have nice gardens? The author of Dog- Friendly Gardening, Karen Bush explains how to create a beautiful and safe garden for you and your dog to enjoy. We’ve a copy of this hardback book to give away in our free prize draw. Email us at competitions@pet-owners.co.uk for a chance to win.
The prize draw closes 23rd July 2015.

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This informative book takes a look at arthritis in cats, and provides advice, treatments and case studies on this painful condition. We have a copy to give away in our free prize draw. Simply email us at competitions@pet-owners.co.uk for a chance to win.
Draw closes 9th June 2015.

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This lovely hardback book is packed full of advice on giving your new puppy the best start in life, with clear and easy to understand instructions. For a chance to win this book, email us at competitions@pet-owners.co.uk.
Draw closes 9th June 2015.

Win a copy of Camper vans, ex-pats & Spanish hounds

This heart-warming story is about a stray called Pedro who was rescued by dog lovers Tania and Sam as they travelled through Spain in their camper van. For a chance to win email us at competitions@pet-owners.co.uk. Draw closes 3rd May 2015.

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