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Introducing your Puppy to Crate Training

If used properly introducing your pup’s own personal cage (or crate) into the training regime can be very successful.

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Is your Dog ready for the new Compulsory 2016 Microchipping Law?

Is your dog one of the estimated 3 million dogs that is still not microchipped in the U.K.?

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A Guide to Banned Dog Types in the U.K.

Our guide explains the 4 dog types that are illegal to own in the U.K. along with pictures of the banned dogs.

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Is your Dog at risk from Dog Theft?

It’s a sad fact that dog theft is on the increase in the U.K. Additionally,  it’s not just dogs that are at risk from being stolen, cats and exotic pets are vulnerable too.

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Why Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats

Are you a dog lover? Or are you simply crazy about cats? We think they’re both great, but just what pet is better to own, a dog or a cat?

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Are You Thinking of Owning a Dog for the First Time?

Advice and things to consider for prospective dog owners wanting to own a dog for the first time.

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Why Do Dogs love Rolling in Fox Poo?

We give you the reasons why dogs enjoy rolling in fox mess, as well as tips to prevent it happening, and what to do if your dog rolls in fox poo.

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Calculating the Cost of Keeping Rabbits as Pets

While even recognised breed pet rabbits are relatively cheap to buy, you may be surprised at the on going costs of keeping rabbits properly

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Win a copy of Living with an Older Dog by David Alderton and Derek Hall

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Win a copy of My Dog My Friend by Jacki Gordon

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Win a copy of MIAOW by Sir Patrick Moore


Sir Patrick Moore was not only a national icon, he was a cat lover too!

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Prize draw closes 12th October 2014

To read the POA review of this book, please click here.

Win a copy of Dieting With My Dog by Peggy Frezon


Do you and your dog need to lose a couple of pounds for the Summer?

Then this touching and fun story of one woman and her chubby spaniel’s fight with the flab may well strike a chord. We’ve a copy to give away in our free prize draw.

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News Features

Feeding your Rabbit


Advice on feeding your rabbit the correct diet.

Winner of our Prize Draw

The winner of our prize draw for the Emergency First Aid for Dogs book is Elizabeth Smith in Norwich.

Pedigree Dog or Rescue Dog?

Should your next dog be a pedigree dog from a breeder? Or should you opt for a dog from a rescue centre? We look at what’s best for you - Pedigree or Rescue Dog

Does your Dog come back when out Walking?


Does your dog ignore you when you call him back? Do you spend hours searching for your dog in the park after he’s run off? Yes? So, when was the last time you practiced your recall commands with your dog?

How to start a Dog Walking Business

how to become a dog walker

Here’s some advice and tips for anyone wanting to start a career in dog walking.

Removing Dog Hairs from around the Home

Tips and and advice on keeping your home fur free! Read more

The Dangers of Junk Food to your Dog


Could the treats you give your dog be making your pet ill?
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Life’s Tough Out There For an Un-neutered Tom!


Why it’s sensible to get your pet neutered.  To read more see Neutering Your Cat and Neutering Your Dog and Neutering Your Rabbit.